Tween & Teen

Performance socks for active teens who love their planet.

The Crew

Crews have never been so stylish with colors to match your every mood. With its snug fit, the crew stays right where you want it – slouched or straight. Style that suits you.

The Ankle

The sporty ankle sock works whether you’re heading to practice, playing a round or going to school. Its cushioned heel tab guards against late-day blisters.

The No Show

With handy heel grips and light cushion, the No Show stays right where you want it – out of sight. It’s perfect whether you’re slipping into street or skate shoes and anything in between.

The Definite Way

We found a better way to make performance wear that doesn’t harm our planet.

We use a natural additive that makes the tiny plastic particles spun into our performance wear – all recycled, BPA-free and high-quality fit for human use – act like natural fibers.

That’s why the Definite sock sheds less plastic when washed and biodegrades far more quickly when discarded. So it will revert naturally to the earth.

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