Youth Medium

Planet-loving performance for growing feet and the earth they race upon.

The Quarter

The quarter puts the sport in sporty. Its cushioned heel and snug fit support growing feet whether they’re running to school, racing outfield or riding bikes.

The Crew

The crew supports your kiddo’s every move. The cushioned heel adds extra comfort and the moisture wicking prevents sweaty feet. The sock works with any shoe, slide or boot.

The Definite Way

We found a better way to make performance wear that doesn’t harm our planet.

We use a natural additive that makes the tiny plastic particles spun into our performance wear – all recycled, BPA-free and high-quality fit for human use – act like natural fibers.

That’s why the Definite sock sheds less plastic when washed and biodegrades far more quickly when discarded. So it will revert naturally to the earth.

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