Moonglade Performance Hoodie


Moonglade Performance Hoodie

Color: Black
Size: XS
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  • Features
  • Sporty look for pre- and post-workout
  • Stand-up collar adds warm style
  • Zip pockets for on-the-go ease
  • 100% biodegradable

Function meets fashion in the Moonglade Fleece Hoodie that’s entirely U.S. made in New York City. The sleek collar adds style while the tech fleece creates a cozy feel.

The jacket is fully biodegradable but for its zipper. It’s made with recycled polyester and treated with a natural additive that allows it to decompose within a few years, not a few centuries. Put another way, the hoodie effectively removes 27 plastic bottles from the planet.

We use an innovative technology called CiCLO that helps the synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon biodegrade naturally when they are discarded or otherwise end up as pollutants in the environment (e.g., through microfiber shedding).

Based on independent testing*, polyester any nylon fibers treated with CiCLO achieve 75-92% biodegradation in less than 2.5 years in seawater, soil, and landfill conditions. This compares with <4% for untreated polyester and nylon.

That mean there’s less plastic polluting our planet. And more reasons to run, skip, and jump for joy!

* Lab tests conducted in compliance ASTM testing 5511 (landfill), 5988 (soil), and 6691 (seawater).


100% Ciclo Recycled Polyester


Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low

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